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Created 23-Jun-12
119 photos

So I started with 236 raw shots. This is about what I do for a one-hour session. I went through each shot and starred it with a 1 to delete and a 3 if I liked it. I then uploaded all of the shots here that were left after the delete. After clients choose the ones they like, I star those with a 4 until I edit them. After editing I star them with a 5 - it helps me keep track of what I have edited already :)

I wish we had had more time for Tyler's portraits - I'm hoping y'all got some good ones too - I feel like I didn't get that many REALLY GOOD ones ;) Kim, I won't post any of these on my site until you give me the go ahead :)

I will edit some of our portraits also and post those soon :)

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